3 Reasons Why Leaders Need to Face Their Fear

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Self-awareness is the foundation of all aspects of emotional intelligence (EQ). Leaders (and their teams) benefit when the leader is able to no only recognize their emotions but determine how to respond to them. Managing your reactions allows you to stay in control and do the work that needs to get done, instead of being held hostage by what you’re experiencing internally.

How to Become a Self-Aware Leader and Why it Matters

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Self-awareness is a key leadership skill, one that most leaders overlook and most employees focus on intently. We know self-awareness is essential for growth. If you don’t know where you are, you won’t know what steps to take to reach your goals. But more importantly, a lack of self-awareness impacts our emotional intelligence which directly […]

How To Get The Most of Your Strategic Planning

In the age of Zoom, hybrid meetings, and conference calls, we hear the familiar refrain: this could have been an email. While that may be true of many meetings, that could not be further from the truth for strategic planning. Strategic planning is essential to your business, and while it takes time, it is well […]

The Future of Leadership

What I love about leadership is that it is constantly evolving.  None of us will ever get to the point where we look around and say, “well, that’s it. I’ve done it”. Whether you’ve been working the same job for 20 years or you’re completely brand new, there’s still something new to learn and explore […]

Onboarding That Aligns with Your Mission

Having a solid mission statement can make any onboarding process a million times better. When you’ve got a clear foundational rock with a mission that is so strong and compelling, the next step is to take it to each team member and say “how does your role contribute to the mission”? If someone in your […]

Language Matters

While the adage “stick and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me” might ring true to some people, I think we can all agree that the language choices we make can have immense impact.  It isn’t very difficult to see how the language and names we use for people can be […]

The Coach’s Mind

What does it mean for someone to be whole? How does the way a leader thinks about their subordinates impact their actions and leadership style? The Co-Active Coaching Model describes wholeness as an essential characteristic of people and therefore a state of being that must be cultivated in order to achieve the greatest success. In […]

Understanding and Utilizing Communication Loops

Any time you are working with people, communication is wildly important to success. While this is an established and accepted fact, the data to back this up might surprise you. A recent study by Dynamic Signal shows that 80% of the US workforce is feeling stressed by poor communication and over half have witnessed negative […]

Using a Meeting as a Connection Opportunity

What’s your first reaction when you have to lead, attend, or organize a meeting at work? If you’re like most people, you probably roll your eyes, and maybe feel some mix of dread, anxiety, or irritation in your body before a meeting. While I wish this wasn’t the case, these reactions are all too common […]

I Get a Little Fiery about Quarterlies

A new client showed me her management guidebook, which stated, “Quarterlies may be called ‘quarterlies’ but their frequency may vary.”  If they are quarterly, then they occur quarterly! Consistency and intentionality are foundational to this process.   Yes, I get a little fiery about quarterlies. I love them so much! Why? Because regularly planned and structured […]