Frequency: Find Your Cadence

Certain meeting formats lend themselves to specific frequency: annual all-staff gatherings, quarterly manager check-ins, weekly leadership meetings, or daily huddles. Other types of meetings are PRN—as needed for opportunities and issues that pop up unexpectedly. You want consistency and frequency in meeting times whenever possible.   Tempo The cadence or tempo of communication requires careful consideration. […]

Check-In Rounds

As you go throughout your daily routine, do you ever stop and think about everyone else’s? We’ve all been there; become so absorbed in our own tasks that we develop tunnel vision. However, it is important to let those around you know that they are supported, cared for, and actively thought about. As a leader, […]

The Grateful Mind

Let’s face it: every once in a while, we get trapped in the go, go, go of business. Once the wheels start turning, it can be difficult to slow down. It is within this cycle of business that leaders begin to fixate solely on the end goal. Anything and everything can become an obstacle within […]

The Pilot’s Mind

Did you know that airplanes fly off course 90% of the time? I was fascinated to learn this information! Weather, turbulence, and other atmospheric factors commonly shift the plane away from the destination. It’s incredible to think that even with the route entered into GPS, the environment is still pushing the plane in different directions.  […]


My computer is slowing down a little bit. If you’ve got a Mac, you know the little rainbow wheel of death that tells you, “hold on, I am not ready to do something yet–hold on”. Well, all of a sudden, I am now seeing that wheel on a regular basis. I started to wonder if […]

Power of the Post-It

I use post-its all the time, personally and professionally. Below is just one example: I’m writing to honor the life of Spencer Silver, the chemist who created the adhesive of the post-it. The not-too-sticky surface is what helps people get their ideas out, move them around,  and organize them as needed. While creating the structure […]