When It Comes to Turnover, Are You Solving the Wrong Problem?

Employment trends reveal the turnover rate in the U.S. job market is spiking. According to research, …

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Listening to Understand

Listening is a crucial leadership skill. Listening shows you are committed to the other person’s point …

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Don’t Dismiss Gratitude: Here’s Why

It’s November, and I’m discussing gratitude. Yes, it’s cheesy and everybody’s doing it, but there is …

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Bring Clarity to Accountability: Helping people understand the job expectations and what it takes to succeed.

I often hear leaders say: “No one on my team does what they’re supposed to be doing. “Or, “I’m so frustrated because I have to do it all.” Sound familiar? These phrases are an indicator that there might be a lack of clarity and communication about the role expectations and success factors in your organization.

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What Are Driving Forces And Why Should You Care

We all have a core driving force, or a motivation, that launches us into action and fuels our whole world. But the impact of driving forces, what motivates us, isn’t always visible. As team members and leaders, considering the impact of these driving forces will make a huge difference in the success of our team and the engagement of our people (ourselves included!).

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How to Identify & Use Your Team’s Driving Forces

How to Identify & Leverage Individual Motivation

“People just don’t want to work.”  I’m hearing this idea more and more despite the fact …

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About Amy Lafko

As a Physical Therapist, Amy spent years in school learning best practices for patient care and how to put the patient first. Like so many technically skilled clinicians, she advanced to a leadership role. Spending 20+ years in operational leadership, she had an epiphany: Putting the customer first isn’t the path to success or fulfillment. Rather, the most successful organizations and practices put their people first – and exceptional customer care, profitability, and effectiveness naturally followed.