What People-First IS

Does your team know that you support them, that you prioritize their needs? There was a …

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What People-First IS NOT

What does it mean to put people first as a leader or business owner? People First …

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Productive Curiosity in Leadership

Oftentimes, we think leaders have it all figured out. And we would hope so…they’re the people …

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Wave of Resignations

There’s no doubt about it–the past 15 months have been filled with lots of uncertainty. While …

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The Power of a Job Title

What’s in a name? It turns out, quite a lot!  For an organization to function properly, …

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Selfie High Five

Are you celebrating enough?  Or are you like me, focusing on the mistakes and failures instead …

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About Amy Lafko

As a Physical Therapist, Amy spent years in school learning best practices for patient care and how to put the patient first. Like so many technically skilled clinicians, she advanced to a leadership role. Spending 20+ years in operational leadership, she had an epiphany: Putting the customer first isn’t the path to success or fulfillment. Rather, the most successful organizations and practices put their people first – and exceptional customer care, profitability, and effectiveness naturally followed.