The Coach’s Mind

What does it mean for someone to be whole? How does the way a leader thinks …

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Understanding and Utilizing Communication Loops

Any time you are working with people, communication is wildly important to success. While this is …

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Using a Meeting as a Connection Opportunity

What’s your first reaction when you have to lead, attend, or organize a meeting at work? …

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I Get a Little Fiery about Quarterlies

A new client showed me her management guidebook, which stated, “Quarterlies may be called ‘quarterlies’ but …

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How to Effectively Check-in with Your Team

This may come as a surprise to you, but in order to be a People First …

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How Transparent should I be with My Team?

I get this question all the time.  Don’t hate me, but the answer to this question …

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About Amy Lafko

As a Physical Therapist, Amy spent years in school learning best practices for patient care and how to put the patient first. Like so many technically skilled clinicians, she advanced to a leadership role. Spending 20+ years in operational leadership, she had an epiphany: Putting the customer first isn’t the path to success or fulfillment. Rather, the most successful organizations and practices put their people first – and exceptional customer care, profitability, and effectiveness naturally followed.