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The TriMetrix DNA assessment

The TriMetrix DNA assessment is an internationally valued and statistically validated tool for providing insights about ourselves: our communication style, driving forces and soft skill.

Whether or not you’ve received your free succinct report as part of your People First purchase bonuses, we invite you to purchase the full assessment / debrief package for an in-depth look at your Leadership DNA profile. This package includes a 60 minute 1:1 debrief with Amy where you will have the opportunity to learn more about your leadership profile and ask any questions you might have!

Discount Price: $249*

*For both full report and 1 hour debrief with Amy. Discounted for the first 20 people.

**Before purchasing be sure to complete your Complimentary Behavioral Tendencies Assessment.

Organizational Design

The People First Book Companion Course

“Working with Amy has been one of the most valuable professional investments I have ever made in myself.”

– Elizabeth R., practice owner

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People First

A Proven Method for an Exceptional Healthcare Practice

Her best-selling book, People First Method. Breaking away from the Well-intentioned Customer First Model, Amy provides a framework for organizational design and leadership within the that reveals the blind spots that hold businesses back from achieving the success they desire, Amy reveals the CAIRN method to designing your organization for optimal alignment, accountability and growth.