Surviving vs Thriving

We are almost through the first quarter of 2022! So I have a question for you…Are you surviving or thriving? Do you even know, or are you so busy that you don’t even have time to think about it? If given the choice, we all would choose to thrive but how often do we even think in these terms? It can be so easy to get pulled into the usual routines and stressors of life that we do not confront the idea of whether or not we are thriving.

Part of the reason this question is coming up is that I’ve been asking myself this very question. I know what survival mode would feel like, and I’m so grateful that my business is not in there. Yet, I am wondering about the definition of thriving for both myself and my business. I know I want to thrive, and I need to decide what that means for me.

What does it mean for you to be thriving? What do you know that you need to look out for as a sign that you are merely surviving? If you already know the answers to these questions, you are well on your way! More likely, you will need to take some time to reflect and prepare yourself to be able to effectively gauge your current status.

From the individual perspective, reflect on the following questions:

  • What is my definition of thriving? Consider all aspects of life- family, friends, work, spirituality, travel, giving back, etc.
  • Are you in sync with your personal mission statement?
  • What are you doing to move your vision forward?

Use these same questions for your team and for your business. I’ve had to do a bit of a reset for myself this month. I was “thriving” from the busy and active standpoint but I needed to consider if all of the activity was moving me in the right direction. Was the busy, in line with my vision for the company and my personal mission? The answer was no and so I took a look at what I needed to shift.

If you are off-track, that’s okay. Recognize it and get back onto the path you’ve set for yourself. You’ve got this and I’m here for you too. I’d love to hear what you discover when you go through this exercise.

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About Amy Lafko

As a Physical Therapist, Amy spent years in school learning best practices for patient care and how to put the patient first. Like so many technically skilled clinicians, she advanced to a leadership role. Spending 20+ years in operational leadership, she had an epiphany: Putting the customer first isn’t the path to success or fulfillment. Rather, the most successful organizations and practices put their people first – and exceptional customer care, profitability, and effectiveness naturally followed.