When It Comes to Turnover, Are You Solving the Wrong Problem?

Employment trends reveal the turnover rate in the U.S. job market is spiking. According to research, 41% of employees are looking at a job change in 2024. Turnover is costly, in fact, the annual cost of voluntary turnover is $1.61 million for every 1,000 employees. From training to productivity loss, turnover recovery deeply impacts the […]

Listening to Understand

Listening is a crucial leadership skill. Listening shows you are committed to the other person’s point of view. Like all aspects of leadership, mindset is key. Is your intention to understand, or to confirm what you already believe to be true?  Is your mindset focused on curiosity and learning? Active Listening Many communication specialists focus […]

Don’t Dismiss Gratitude: Here’s Why

It’s November, and I’m discussing gratitude. Yes, it’s cheesy and everybody’s doing it, but there is a reason why we as a culture return to the concept of gratitude each and every year. It’s on the nose, but it’s often forgotten. And quite frankly, it’s often misunderstood and used ineffectively in the workplace. Understand the […]

What Are Driving Forces And Why Should You Care

We all have a core driving force, or a motivation, that launches us into action and fuels our whole world. But the impact of driving forces, what motivates us, isn’t always visible. As team members and leaders, considering the impact of these driving forces will make a huge difference in the success of our team and the engagement of our people (ourselves included!).

How to Identify & Leverage Individual Motivation

How to Identify & Use Your Team’s Driving Forces

“People just don’t want to work.”  I’m hearing this idea more and more despite the fact that it simply isn’t true. People do want to work when the work motivates them. That leads to the next assumption statement. “Isn’t everybody motivated by ______________” (fill in the blank)?   We make assumptions that what motivates us is […]

Why You Should Use DISC to Understand Your Team

Is your team as successful as they could be? The DISC assessment is not only a fantastic personal development tool, but it’s an essential resource for getting the most and the best from your team. Here are three ways DISC can be used to understand and improve your team. Conflict Resolution When working with teams […]

3 Ways to Use DISC in Designing a High-Performance Team

3 Ways to Use DISC in Designing a High-Performance Team

When you consider the criteria for a new hire, how much weight do you give to how they are going to behave? While you likely use behavioral interviewing questions, they are subjective – both for the person answering the question and the person asking the question. Because we all have biases, it is important to […]

4 Key Components of a Successful Team

successful team

Not only does it matter that the team shares values, but also that they define those values, like respect, integrity, and collaboration, in similar ways