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Putting People First for Better Healthcare Outcomes

Amy speaks with Daniel Williams of the MGMA Insights Consultants Corner Podcast to explore her transformative journey from physical therapist to healthcare consultant.
What I learned from publishing my first book, with Amy Lafko


Beyond Better with Stacy Ennis

Amy has learned a lot since publishing her first book and she shares some of her insights in the latest episode of Beyond Better with Stacy Ennis. 


People First: Creating Environments That Engage the Best of All Your People

Amy speaks on the MGMA Insights Podcast as they discuss the steps that practices need to take to ensure they’re implementing a people-first culture.

Live Interview

The Sam Lesante Show

Amy speaks with Sam Lesante about what Cairn Consulting Solutions is all about.

Part One Podcast

Ready, Aim, Empire

Amy speaks with Business Coach Lisa Kuecker about the importance of Leadership.

Part Two Podcast

Ready, Aim, Empire

Amy speaks with Business Coach Lisa Kuecker about the difference between a good leader and a bad one.

Live Interview

Up Solutions Live Interview

Amy speaks with Business Reinvention Strategist Patti Mara about what it means to Grow Your People to Grow Your Business.


Using Science to Hire the Right Team Members

Amy speaks with The Entrepreneurial You host Heneka Watkis Porter. When we think about science perhaps the idea of something quite challenging and lab-like comes to mind. But what about the idea of using science to make good business decisions such as building your ideal team?


How Emotional Intelligence Can Help Healthcare Professionals Cope with the Pandemic

Amy provides an action plan on how to improve your emotional intelligence, helping you navigate stressful situations and difficult times.


People First with Amy Lafko, MSPT, MBA

Amy Lafko, founder of Cairn Consulting Solutions, is a leadership and organizational design expert, mainstage speaker, author, and advisor.


Why Failure Is An Option

Amy Lafko is a keynote speaker, author, consultant, founder, and CEO of Cairn Consulting Solutions developing leaders and teams through training programs and advisory work. She lives by 2 mottos: “Grow Your People to Grow Your Business” and “Every Problem is a Chance to Build a Relationship.”

Media Mentions


All 'Reboard' For The New Normal

September has become a target date for a lot of organizations to implement their “new normal” in the workplace. Whether you have chosen an all-digital, in-person or hybrid option for your team, there are things to consider beyond technology.

Mercer Mettl

Gauging Remote Work Readiness Through Remote Work Survey & Assessment

“A company needs to create a profile of soft skill competencies that is most beneficial for each role. For example, certain roles require a higher level of competence with teamwork, decision making, or innovation.


Why Emotional Intelligence / EQ Matters More Than Ever

Insight Article: Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ) has always mattered, yet assessment and development of EQ often falls to the bottom of the training pile.


Envisioning a Better Normal: 3 Exercises to Ensure Your Company Will Never Go "Back to Normal"

I keep hearing people say, “I can’t wait until things go back to normal”. Why do we want to go back to the way things were? Let’s take this unprecedented opportunity to build “better normal” in the future.